Have you tried various over the counter lighteners to eliminate age spots on your face and hands? Do you  see any difference using similarly advertised hyperpigmentation removal products by Clinique, Murad or Garnier?

My Miserable Life With Age Spots

I had been driving my kids around for many years, exposing my left side to the sun. I never used sunscreen to protect my skin. With fair skin tone, I had a few large brown patches as big as a nickel diffused on my left cheek and hand that were not ideal for my aging skin. I also felt embarrassed because my left arm looked like having leopard spots.

Long-term sun exposure can cause the overproduction of melanin, the color pigment of the skin. Gradually, the melanin cluster and develop into liver spots.

I used makeup to cover the facial sunspots. But when they appeared through the makeup, I kept adding more concealers. In the end, my face looked worse. Because of that, sometimes I didn’t feel like going out.

What About Medical Procedures To Lighten Sunspots

Out of frustration, I decided to see a dermatologist. She recommended Q-switched ruby, Intense Pulsed Light or alexandrite laser that was the most effective method to remove liver spots.

Sometimes, there is a risk during the process of removing liver spots. When they work too well, they cause more melanin being destroyed which can leave my skin with white blotches. Furthermore, it was too costly for me as each session would cost me easily from $500 to $1500.

She also suggested a hydroquinone bleaching cream but on the safe side, I should not use it more than three months. None of them was a gentle or easy fix.

How Did Meladerm Reduce My Age Spots?

Best Age Spot CorrectorI had tried over-the-counter products and home remedies to remove sun damage pigmentation. But nothing blew my spots away like Meladerm. It produced far better results than the leading brands that I used before.

I found this skin lightening cream accidentally on the Internet. It is available without a prescription. I was cautious when it comes to age spot reducer that I needed to apply on my face. I ordered it because it had many excellent reviews, and it was used by women of all ages. And for under $50, I thought it worth a try.

I gave Meladerm a good two months of applying it every day.

After using Meladerm for two weeks, I almost gave up because I didn’t see any improvement on my face and hands. I was not impressed. I thought I’d keep using it and get a refund if I were not happy with the results. So, I persisted, and the sun spots began to get lighter.

I could see the patches were fading gradually each day after that. After two months, the liver spots on my left cheek and back of my left hand were less noticeable.

I would admit that my sun-induced spots were not gone altogether which was what I wanted, but I could see them significantly reduced. It was a welcome change compared to other over the counter fade creams that I used in the past.

After using Meladerm for awhile, I found the texture of my skin improved, and I looked younger than before. My skin tone was more even.

One of the things I like about Meladerm was it was not oily when I used in my face.

Why I Think Meladerm Is One Of The Top Age Spot Correctors

Meladerm is the best age spot remover because it strikes a perfect balance. It hosts a perfect blend of potent natural ingredients that lies at the heart of this remarkable skin lightener. It relies on hydroquinone-like ingredients such as kojic acid, arbutin, vitamin C, vitamin B3, gigawhite, and licorice.

These active lightening agents have a stronger spot-fading effect than hydroquinone. They are proven in clinical trials and formulated at the optimal concentration that fade stubborn liver spots and reduce excess melanin safely.

As the best age spot removal cream, Meladerm

  • targets not only sunspots but other skin discoloration such as melasma, freckles, acne scars, and uneven or sallow skin tones.
  • boasts antioxidants such vitamin C and Emblica extract to clear sunspots and brighten your complexion.
  • contains glycolic acid and lactic acid which act as exfoliating agents. It removes dead skin cells, promoting the growth of unpigmented new skin.
  • caters for all skin types even the sensitive ones.
  • works for all ethnicities even if you have black skin.

Never Forget To Wear Sunscreen

The sun is the number one culprit for your liver spots. I always use a broad spectrum sunscreen during the day, rain or shine. Otherwise, I can promise you that these spots will come back no matter how often you visit the dermatologist for hyperpigmentation treatment. And you should wear sunscreen because you don’t want to undo all the good results Meladerm does for your face and hands.

Choose a sunblock with zinc oxide content because it offers broader UVA and UVB protection than anything else. Once you apply it, it will work immediately.


Your ugly sun spots appear after spending years under the sun, and they’ll not going to disappear overnight. With the consistent usage of Meladerm and patience, you should see a noticeable reduction of your liver spots. Even though, it took me over two months to see results but it was worth it. After all, I had spent hundred of dollars on useless age spot creams and wasted a couple of years.

I was skeptical at first until I tried it myself. If you don’t see any difference on your pigmentation, you can always return the product for a full refund. So, you’ll have a peace of mind using Meladerm cream.